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im living in arizona and i heard i can not apply for a state identification card. the only ID i have is my employment authorization card but i did get a social security number.
i want to travel in the united states to another state not outside of the US but i want to take a flight am i allow to take a flight?

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Yes, you may travel within the U.S.

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Yes, absolutely.

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I agree with my colleagues as long as you remain within the US

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As long as you remain within the United States, then you should not have any inadmissibility issues since you are already present in the country with deferred action. As for the ID cards, you are correct that Arizona currently is unwilling to issue ID Cards or Driver's Licenses to those who are granted employment authorization under the DACA program - this is based off of an executive order from Governor Jan Brewer. You should be fine to fly within the country.

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