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Can I sue Winco for Food poisoning?

Phoenix, AZ |

We bought 3 frozen burritos one day and the next day I are one and within 1 hour I started getting sick. I didn't eat nothing else and the only thing I ate was at 10am After throwing up and feeling real sick I checked the wrapper and the only date it had was 5/13/12 the next day at night time I went to Winco and ask 2 workers if they can show me or verify the expiration date and they say I was right and they took the 3 boxes of their freezer. They got my info and I got their info also. The called me the next day to get a little more info about me and what happened and now they said they will take or the doctor bill too. So they know they messed up and lucky I went over there so they don't get any more people sick. I need a Phoenix Lawyer asap if we can do something about it.

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Yes, there can be liability for food poisoning. You should hang on to whatever evidence you have and contact a personal injury lawyer to see if the damages make the case worth pursuing.


You have a case. If you only suffered for a day or so, it is likely that your damages wont be big enough for a lawyer to take the case. Check with a few, and there is always small claims court.


Only a tiny handful of lawyers handle food poisoning cases, for example, my firm handles food poisoning fatality cases in PA. Your best bet is to Google "food poisoning lawyer' and have the local lawyer investigate. Good luck and feel better.

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