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Can I sue United Insurance Co?

Peachtree City, GA |

A life insurance policy was purchased for me at a very young age (childhood). I was told that upon my 18th birthday, ownership would automatically be transferred to me. I turned 18 in 1989. I never had reason to check on the status of this policy until recent financial issues caused me to inquire of the cash or loan value. I knew that in the 70’s this was a 10,000 paid up policy so I just assumed that it was safe like money in the bank.
Well I called United Insurance Company of America (the insurer) to inquire about options related to this policy. I was told that it was cashed out in 1991 ( I was 20 yrs old) but I did not cash this out. They were not able to tell me who cashed it out, and they refused to give me more than the policy number.
After explaining the situation to them, I called the GA insurance Commissioner’s office and filed a complaint. I was told that I could sue United Insurance and make them reimburse me for cashing out the policy to someone other than myself. Is this true?

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Maybe. I would need to know more facts.

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You can sue anybody, winning is another matter. If the GA insurance Commissioner's office said you can, then probably so. Best bet would be to see an attorney to explore your options.

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It depends on why the policy was supposed to be transferred to you upon you turning 18. Was this provision in the policy or did the policy owner make this promise to you? You cannot sue the insurance company if the policy owner never kept his/her word to transfer the ownership to you. If, however, the insurance company was obligated under the terms of the contract to initiate the transfer to you when you turn 18, and it failed to do so, then you may have a valid claim for breach of contract and possible bad faith. Try writing to United's legal department demanding the policy.