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Can I sue this hospital for sexual harrassment by a coworker 5-6 years ago?

California |

The reason I want to file sexual harassment charges against this hospital is because of an incident that occurred months earlier or weeks before I was forced to quit 5 years ago (my forced resignation was from a separate incident). I was at my station when this charge nurse I was working with began talking in a foreign tongue I understood with another coworker and the subject matter was on high good her private part was. I took offense to this and the constant gossiping and I had to say something to these two ladies that ended up with the house supervisor being called and me complaining about this charge nurse. After this incident, my relationship with the staff deteriorated and weeks later I was forced to quit because I took offense to some agency nurse who called me a "mofo."

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Attorney answers 2


Even if the incident you want to complain about resulted in your termination from employment, you're probably a long way past the "statute of limitations" which limits how long you can wait before filing a successful lawsuit. You should check with an employment attorney to make sure, but you've probably waited far too long.


Even if this incident were harassment, which it dosen't sound like, you've allowed the statute of limitations to expire by waiting this long.

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