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Can I sue the school if my child is being bullied and charges are being brought against her?

Columbia, SC |

I live in Columbia, South Carolina. My daughter is 13 years old. There have been numerous fights but she is still there because she causes none of them. The school policy is that all statements are taken before the parent is notified of the fight. Nine girls attempted to jump my daughter in a bathroom and my daughter was suspended for five days. She tried to run to a teacher to prevent it and the teacher told me "I moved out of the way cause I wasn't getting hit". Now I have to go to family court and pay to have her put in a program for an incident that was recorded and is on facebook. And she clearly was defending herself. I have witnesses that there were teachers there that said 'Oh just let them fight" before the fight. I have more details but I think you get the drift. Help!!

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You have a serious and difficult situation. There are many legal issues that need to be addressed when considering suing a school district or individuals working in the district. There are lawyers in Columbia who handle these sorts of education related situations and family law issues, and you should contact someone immediately. AVVO lists 15 or 16 Education Lawyers in Columbia, and you might start by calling them I don't know any of them personally, however I do know Richard Rosen in Charleston also does some of that work and is excellent. I have worked with him many times over the years, and have always been impressed with his skill. You will find his contact information on avvo as well. Good luck with a difficult and frustrating situation.

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Thank you very much. I will give one of them a try!