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The school where my six yr old son attends had a substitute teacher that didn't follow school policy, He let me 1st grade son leave class without a parent or adult, and he was not suppose even leave school he was suppose go to a after school program on campus, instead my child left school and walked over a mile in a very high traffic area where he had to cross main intersections without any cross guards he could have been seriously hurt not to mention theres a mental health facility he had to pass where theres is lots of homeless people and a park where theres always drug users , he could have been kidnap,ran over, sexual assaulted any wrong turn and he would have been lost! The principal try to say it was my sons fault , and the school didn't even notice he was missing !!!

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I have handled similar cases. You can file a claim with the county but the lack of provable damages seems to suggest you should pursue other remedies. Such as a change or improvement in school supervision. Appearing at board meetings etc

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