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Can I sue the school and get the financial aid back?

Havelock, NC |

I was going to online school. received financial aid. Last semester I had family emergencies and became the soul caretaker for my father in law and mother in law. My father in a passed away. I had a breakdown for about a yr. During that year the school was aware of my struggles. In the last semester I failed. During the year of my breakdown the school continued to give me the classes and take my financial aid. I had to take the same classes for 4 more semesters. The school continued take my financial aid. Then on the 5th semester they decided I could not be enrolled again for the 4 classes and as a result I do not have my degree. My question is with all of my troubles and the school being aware of them, can they continue to keep enrolling me in the classes and taking the financial aid? It was a 2 year program. I went to school for 3 years and no degree.

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Unfortunately, much of this will turn on what you said and how you handled it. Did you ever tell them to withdraw you from classes or for you to sit out? If you did not do this, I think it will be hard to present such claims. Speak to a civil litigation attorney in your area.

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