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Can I sue the restaurant?

Indianapolis, IN |

I went to a well known restaurant today during lunch and it is an open buffet when I went to get my dessert?
my husband asked me to bring him crepe I went and I brought for him the crepe and for me 4 coconut macaroons after that I gave my husband the crepe and told him you can have the dish and I'll put the coconut on the napkins and that time the waiter came and told me you are not allowed to have the coconut in your purse ! you will eat it in this restaurant. So my husband told him to be polite and told him have you seen her putting the coconut in her purse but the waiter insisted to go on what he said so he insulted my husband .And my husband asked for the manager and all the manager did was giving him a gift card for $20 .Can I sue them? and what is the percentage of me winning?

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The cost of filing suit would not justify whatever you might get in return. Let it go...


You can sue anyone; however that does not mean you will win.

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There should be an injury, where is one?
This scenario does not likely state a monetary claim.

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What would you sue them for? There's nothing illegal about getting rude service. The percentage of you winning? 0.0000000000001% In fact, if the judge deems the lawsuit frivolous, which is likely, you could be made to pay the attorney fees for the party you sued!

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The waiter was rude… however nothing he did was anything you should sue over. I say “should” because you can sue for anything… but you won’t win. Be happy with the $20 gift card and move on.

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If I'm understanding correctly, your damage is your ego. That has almost no financial value.
If it bothers you enough, boycott the restaurant and take your money elsewhere.

A lawsuit does not seem viable given the facts you've presented.

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