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Can i sue the registered owner??

Aberdeen, WA |

i was in a hit and run accident were a lady ran the stop sign and hit my car totaling it. however she did leave the front license plate there. the driver of the car was found and arrested however the car was registered to her mother neither of which had insurance. Can i sue the mother??

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Maybe. Whether or not she would be liable would depend on the specific facts. Since she doesn't have insurance, however, unless she has assets (which is possible, but unlikely if she doesn't have car insurance), it may be a waste of time, since she wouldn't have anything to pay any judgment you would get against her.

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Mother may be liable under family car doctrine if child was living at home and car was available for use. Other liability may be available, but prior answer hits the main point -- what is there to recover? First thing to do would be to contact your own insurer and apply for uninsured motorist benefits. Your insurer would pay you and go after other parties if it chooses. Also, in the criminal action, other party may be ordered to pay restitution. Report it to the dept. of licensing. She may also have to pay to renew/get license. You may want to hire an attorney to help if you decide to file. An investigator may also be able to do an asset check for daughter and mom to see if it's worth pursuing.

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