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Can I sue the police for wrongful arrest which I also developed a illness and was treated for at hospital (police brutality) ?

Baltimore, MD |

my girlfriend called the police and said domestic dispute she said we had been fighting arguing however, upon the police arrival they asked what happened and it was said I poked her in the side of her stomach the police checked her body and seen no markings or bruising on her, so I was sat in the room the police did not ask me any questions just my girlfriend she refused to write any statement despite all of that the police chose to lock me up and used excessive force and brutality I also said I am being falsely arrested and they continue to lock me up and the arresting officer made his own report and said I hit my girlfriend and dug my fist in her back and falsified a police report I was carried out by my feet and body in police handcuffs and thrown in a police wagon before that I was hit several times by two officers I was in so much pain I asked to go to the hospital and then they lied and said I tried to kill myself in handcuffs..........can I sue for wrongful arrest in which I developed a illness after the arrest?

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There are a number of attorneys in Baltimore who handle these cases and they are very particular about which cases are accepted. I wouldn't suggest posting any more info here and finding such a lawyer. If your case is , they week handle it contingent.

This is not to be considered legal advise and no attorney client has been established.

Jeffrey P Nesson

Jeffrey P Nesson


Correction. If your case is accepted, they will handle it contingent.


First, you need an attorney to defend you on the criminal charge. I assume you have been charged with second degree assault. Consult with a criminal attorney right away.

You also may have a claim for your injuries. Consult with an attorney experienced in police brutality cases to see if you have a case. There are short time deadlines to place certain government entities on notice so you should move quickly.

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This is really a civil rights question, not a criminal defense question. Please re-post in that section or seek a consultation from a civil rights attorney. You should also be more focused NOW on defending the criminal case. You have 6 months from your arrest before you need to actually do notify the government about your possible lawsuit, so you should seek to get this case dismissed first.

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