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Can I sue the people who caused my car accident. I live in Florida. They only had PIP and I did not have UM.

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The people who caused the car wreck own a home and have their own plumbing business. The State Trooper as on the crash report that the driver (wife of owner of truck) was distracted and didn't see me and pulled in front of me. I had 2 surgeries/ permentantly injured (limp) and loss of function of both wrist and hand. They were uninjured. I was hospitalized for 14 days. Also had concussion and post concussion syndrome.

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Yea it sounds like you might have a personal injury case here. You should speak one on one with an attorney.

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Yes. Retain the lawyer in your state above.


You can sue them, but the issue us whether they will have any money to pay you.

You need to investigate all potential sources of recovery that may not be appearant to you. Sometimes there is more insurance than you realize or there is another party that you can sue. We handle these types of investigations in our practice. Feel free to call me directly.

Thank you for your anticipated prompt attention to this issue.

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You should contact a personal injury attorney in your area immediately. It sounds as though you have a viable claim based on the facts you provided. If the at fault party has assets that can be used to satisfy a judgment, then it would be worth proceeding to try ad recover out damages. Make sure yor attorney looks into any additional available insurance such as a commercial policy if the at fault driver hit you while in the course and scope of employment. Best of luck to you.

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Yes. However, I imagine you are asking can you recover anything?

It all depends.

First, don't assume there is no coverage. Sometimes, other coverages appear in litigation as folks try and get out of the way of a anticipated judgment. You may also have multiple owners of the vehicle. Lastly, you'll want to know about their finances if you continue forward.

Call a personal injury lawyer ASAP - most all of us do free consultations.

Good luck

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