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FLORIDA DREAM HOME Princess Bride Included
There was never a price for companionship. The shipping & handling fee was to create questions prior to bidding on EBAY. The Princess Bride was never for sale.
The Ad was merely a Marketing tool to either sell my home or perhaps meet someone special or BOTH. There are personal ads out there all the time. The ad reads Florida Home- Princess Bride included Which is suppose to mean , I would like to get Married. When you get Married everything is combined including your home. I only owe $70,000 on my home so it is Not about the Money. The story is about meeting the Right person & living Happily Ever After. The money is not the Issue for me. I have been trying to clear it all up. All the people that really know me & know that I am good person understands the truth.I am not sure you heard of my story in the News? It was mis-represented by some of the media. I placed the Ad as a gutsy marketing tool & its crazy the way the media portrayed it. I think you know that is how the media make Money to make a News story sound questionable.I have had mainly positive responses because I am only reading legitimate articles. I signed to do Dr Phil But Lifetime & another TV production studio is talking about doing a reality show about this. I get paid to do that project. I am soooooo EXCITED. I am tryingt to do as many radio & TV interviews as I can to promote myself if I get the reality shows. I did a live Fox world interview you can it on Fox Americas newsroom I did the Australia Live Morning show Thursday & German Live Morning show on Monday, I have also done a shoot for Inside Edition. The Inside Edition airing should be on July 14-15 . I think I did the right thing & they are portraying this as a good story in finding my Prince Charming & its FUN!!!!
I hope you wish me well with this some good things are happening for me finally. I am a good person & I think I deserve it. Deven

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You want to know if you can sue the media for writing about this marriage/home/dating scheme? You can sue anyone you want but the question is whether your suit is well founded. As you are a private not a public figure you simply have to prove that what was printed or published was untrue. But you don't say which media or what they said that was false. Plus you seem to be getting good publicity now. I do not think a suit for libel would be a winner under these circumstances.

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