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Can I sue the FDA for allowing the majority of our food to contain toxins/GMO's?

Meriden, CT |

cancer and autoimmune diseases among others are widespread since the food system was changed to fit the greed wheel in the industrial agriculture biz. I feel that It's almost impossible to be healthy when non-GMO's and organics cost too much for the middle to low class to afford. there is a lack of true labeling on foods to trick the poor and uneducated. I feel we (the lower class) are being targeted as unwanted and or not worthy of being healthy to keep the ever growing medical industry in the billions. members of the FDA go on to jobs in BIG PHARMA and MONSANTO to collect huge payouts after deeming food and or drugs to be safe. they don't care about me. I want a payout for their negligence to my health, so I can finally afford to buy truly organic foods and have a fighting chance at life

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You won't get very far. The are plenty of foods that are not expensive that are healthy. FDA and USDA won't be subject to suit

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