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Can i sue the father of my unborn child...that was aborted for abortion cost, if he agreed via text to pay?

Atlanta, GA |

he was my boyfriend n i got pregnant and he didnt want me to have the baby n asked that i get an abortion at his expense, When it was time to pay his refused!

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Oh, people can sue for all types of reasons, particularly when trying to claim that someone breached a contract. A fact finder would have to find that there was an agreement and that you justifiably relied on the agreement. However, what would have been the alternative? Are you saying that you would have carried your baby to term if he would not have paid for the abortion? Seriously. Hard to see how this is worth suing over.

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In addition to what previous counsel said my concern would be that even if you did sue, your damages in theory would be the price of the abortion. However, I do not know this for sure but I imagine that entering into a contract to fund an abortion may be a contract against public policy and/or unenforceable, meaning the courts will not respect it.


You can sue for anything. The more important question is should you?

If you won at all, the most you could receive is the cost of the abortion. You would have to prove an actual agreement, and if you won, you'd have to figure out how to collect. You'd also have to decide if you wanted to spend a few thousand dollars on a lawyer taht you would not get back, or, even if you file pro se, if you want to spend the court costs.

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