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Can i sue the doctors for isdignosing a infection called sepsis?

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before he died his body had swollen enormously due to infection. doctors thought it was the case of his burns. all of his organs had shut down and he went through blood tranfusion, dialysis, and surgery before he died. If his medical records does'nt show sepsis but found some sort of other infections can there still be negligence?

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Med. Mal. cases are hard because you have to show that the doctors were negligent, and that requires expert testimony that the treating doctor's care fell "below the standard of care." More difficult is the showing that the negligence actually caused the result. In other words, if the defense can prove that your husband most likely would have died (and believe me, they make that argument), regardless of the mistake, then your case fails.

Secondly, the term "sepsis" is a generic term that generally just means infection. From the facts you presented, it sounds like your husband suffered some severe burns and infections are common, without any negligence.

All that said, it's tough to say whether you have a case without a greater understanding of the facts, including a detailed review of the records by competent med. mal. counsel. Once you have the records find a lawyer in your area for a consult. Most reputable PI/med. mal. lawyers will consult with you at little or not cost.

My sympathies for your loss, and I wish you good luck.

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Maybe. Without knowing facts, hard to advise you. Find a lawyer with a low contingency fee, and get a free consultation.

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It is really impossible to answer this question without further information. You indicate that his records show some sort of infection, but on the other hand you indicate that they misdiagnosed sepsis? Sepsis is a medical term for a systemic infection, so it is not clear from the limited information that you provided whether they (mis)diagnosed sepsis, when they specifically diagnosed an infection. I would urge you to consult with a competent medical malpractice lawyer, who can evaluate these among other possible issues in your case.

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