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Can I sue someone without having made a police report at the time or the offence?

Miami, FL |

My car was stolen but i never reported it. i knew who took it and was waiting for him to return home. he was my neighbor. four days later i get word that he was arrested for something else and i went to the police to report the car stolen because he said he didnt have it. when i went to report the car the police didt make the report because i didnt know really what had happened. they did though tell me were he was arrested. i went to the location where he was arrested and sure enough my car was right there. i made arrangements with him to pay me the damages and now he doesnt want to pay. Can I sue him without having reported the car stolen? Can i make a report now? its been about 3 months now. He owes me about 1,000 dollars in expenses that i had to repair or replace.

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You certainly can sue the person without having a police report. If there was an agreement in writing that he was going to pay you for damages, then that's good to use. Whether your neighbor took the car with or without your permission, you have to be able to show a court that your neighbor was responsible for the damages and has failed to make payments as promised.