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Can I sue someone with limited assets whos only source of income is "under the table" plus military retirement and disability

Tarpon Springs, FL |

x withdrew all joint bank funds then filed divorce..once I was served divorce papers he filed false report of lingered for 9 months and was nol processed ...he intentionally filed false report in order to prevent me from returning home so he could steal all of the belongings in the house prior to divorce being finalized. As he was loading my belongings onto a moving van I called police and was told it was a civil matter and they would not intervene. Meanwhile I'm unable to get a decent my name and get 6 mugshots...
I suffer chronic depression and anxiety and this has also taken a toll on me physically. Because he wiped out the bank accts I could'nt hire an atty and used 4 different PD during case..

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Attorney answers 2


You can sue however they may be judgment proof which means at the end of the day you won the case but can not collect any monies.


The other answer is correct. Technically you can sue, the real question is can you collect any money if you win? You could win and continue to hound the person until you get your money or they file bankruptcy, but I think that would be a waste of time and energy. The things he took should have been decided in the divorce settlement.

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