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Can I sue someone who sold me a car with a salvage title when the title given was clean?

Raleigh, NC |

I paid 2500 for a vehicle and didn't get the title transferred right away since they wouldn't have ride back from the bank so I just took the car and gave them the money thinking I can come back later and get title transferred. I wasn't worried since I knew where they live and it was only a couple hours away. I've been emailing the guy about meeting up and have been getting ignored. Later, I run a CarFAX and found out that the title is salvaged and the odometer doesn't even match up. Can i sue and get my money back upon return of vehicle?

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You have a legal claim if the seller knowingly sold you a car that was salvaged warranting that the title was clean. Generally, if the contract says AS IS then it is your burden to inspect the vehicle before purchase. If he did not misrepresent any facts then he is not liable. If he did not know or had reason to know that the title was salvage he may have a valid defense. You should consult your case with a local attorney and present him/her all the details that are key for resolving this case.


You have a claim and the fed odometer act may even get you triple damages. The problem is of course collecting on this. Good luck with it.

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