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Can i sue someone if they sold me something on craigslist that doesn't work but that ad said that it did?

Kansas City, KS |

i texted him that him that his xbox 360 dont work and he said that his phone is going to die and no reply fro him

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Yes you can sue. Sounds like the perfect case for small claims court. Search on line for instructions on how to do this in your area.

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You potentially have a case agains the seller for making representations and warranties in an ad about a product that turned out to be false. Did you sign any paperwork that made this an "as is" sale or disclaimed any warranties?

Before resorting to a lawsuit I suggest you try to work things out with the seller. Perhaps the xbox is under a manufactures warranty and the seller will give you some money back for the inconvenience of having the xbox fixed under a warranty.

If you are unable to work things out with the seller and you feel that your only resort is to file suit, I suggest you file suit in small claims court as this could be the most cost effective method of recovery. Be prepared to have a copy of the ad as well as any email correspondence between you and the seller to support your case.

Good luck.

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