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Can I sue someone for talking a lot of bad things about me?Like telling everybody about my life story and asking my boss fire me

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This guy and I do not talk to each other since we do not get along. But the other day we got into it. He told me he has a police friend so that he can get me arrested. I told him to show me that but did not happen. Right after the dispute, he told my boss to fire me. This did not happen either. But what bothers me is he tells everybody bad things about me like my former employeers fired me and things like that and he also says I am criminal which I am not. He tells my boss to fire me which my boss ignored. But still it bothers me since my name is being unclean by some liar. He also says to my co-workers behind my back he will keep bothering me so that I will physically attack him, then he will fall on the ground and call police. So that I will get arrested. What should I do?

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I think the best and least expensive thing you can do is go see a local attorney and ask him or her to write a letter to the guy, warning him that you may sue for defamation and other causes of action. Probably you should talk with your boss as well, explaining that this enmity (which he clearly has witnessed) is disruptive of the work environment and you should request that he tell your co-worker to either quit it or to quit.

Good luck to you.

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Good advice from my colleague. Don't give this guy what he wants by giving him a reason to call the police. And do speak to your boss (or HR, if you have an HR department) about this guy's intereference with everyone getting their jobs done.

If you do want to hire a lawyer to threaten him with a defamation lawsuit, these defamatory statements need to be provably false facts, and not negative but true or mostly true facts, and not opinions. You may be better off just ignoring this guy, if you can.

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