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Can I sue someone for storage fee of a vehicle that was in my carport for 5yrs? Do I sue from '05 or '08 when drive was empty?

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My brother committed suicide in 2005 since then I have housed his truck and want my mom to move it. In 2005 she did not have parking space in her driveway to house the truck but since 2008 she did have adequite parking in her driveway but never ask to have the truck move back to her driveway. I have a 4 car covered carport with 6 cars in my yard. I plan to send a certified letter asking her to move it and informing that I will charge a $25/day storage fee. Is this appropiate?

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No. Without a valid contract she would not be responsible for this. By the way, who does the car presently belong to? Whose name is it titled in?


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