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Can i sue someone for getting into a car accident with my car and than not helping to pay for the damages?

Jamaica, NY |

About a yr ago exactly from today i lent my car to a friend. They got into a accident with my car and i have a police report stating they were the driver of the accident. They promised to help pay for my $1,000 deductible for my insurance and he never paid me back for it. Even tho he told my mom and myself that he would.Every month i keep getting the run around from him and was wondering what i can do about this matter.

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Yes, you can file a property damage claim. Your claim would be for the total amount of the damage to the vehicle; either the cost of repair or the value of the vehicle, whichever is less.


You can file a claim for property damage in small claims court. For example in GA, you have four years from the date of accident to file a claim for property damage. If your friend has auto insurance then his carrier may be responsible. If he doesn't own a vehidle ( and may not if he was borrowing yours) then it would be up to you to have to collect any judgment from your firend. If he owns property or works you could file a lien on his property or garnish his wages once you obtain a judgment against him.

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