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Can I sue private car dealer for not disclosing prior accidents with airbag depolyment?

Newburgh, NY |

I bought a car 2 1/2 years ago from rivate dealer. Paid off my loan and went to trade in and found out the car was in 2 accidents prior to my purchase and airbags were deployed.I asked the dealer and was told he pulled a carfax report and no accidents were reported? He did not tell me the truth or I would not have bought the car. Can I sue him now for the money I put into the car?

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You may be able to get back more than just money you put into the car -- namely, rescission along with potentially additional compensation known as punitive damages. I suggest you contact a local consumer law attorney that hAndles dealer fraud cases. Good luck.

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Can you prove it?

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Although you have delayed in pursuing a case, if you have proof that the dealer knew about the accidents and failed to disclose them to you, you may file a claim now to rescind the sale based on the nondisclosures. The dealer might be able to defend such a claim by arguing that even if there were nondisclosures about the accidents, they were not material because you have been able to operate the car for the past two and a half years. Punitive damages in New York would not be available in such a case unless the dealer's nondisclosure was wilful and part of a pattern of similar conduct directed at the public generally.