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Can I sue Payless car rentel for renting me a car with a bad right front tire. That I'm sure was bad when I got it. There's more

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They want me to pay for the tire $174.18 I think it was like that before I got the car. I think the guy who was checking the car's back in was waiting for my car to be return'd he went right over to the right tire and bent down like he knew it was bad. Payless I think knew it was bad. And to send my Wife & I on the freeway Do I have A lawsuit ??? I would give 60% To any lawyer. The easy way would be to pay. But Payless car rental of Las Vagas will just do it to the next person. They got to be STOPPED.

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From your explanation, it appears that you suffered no damages, except $174.18 if you paid for the "bad right front tire." Since generally the purpose of a lawsuit is to make someone "whole" or, to say it another way, compensate them for any losses that he or she may have incurred as a result of the other party. It appears that the losses you may have incurred would have been payment for the replacement of the "bad right front tire." Now, you did not say why the tire was considered "bad." If it was from normal wear and tear you should not have to replace the tire. If it was cut or damaged as a result of your actions, you may be liable. If you have not already paid, you may just simply refuse to pay and let them sue you in which case they would need to prove that you damaged the tire.. If you paid it is likely that you would need to prove that you most likely did not damage the tire. Just saying that you did not damage it would probably not be enough to get a judgment. Unfortunately, for a $174.18 you will probably not get an attorney to take the case unless paid on a hourly basis or unless you can show other substantial damages that you incurred. Many times you may be entitled to bring a lawsuit, but as a practical matter, you are better off just moving on, both from a financial and emotional perspective.

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Hello. Since you seem to indicate that you want to challenge what occurred to you on principle, and your aim is to see that the incident does not occur to anyone else, I encourage you immediately to confer with a private attorney in order to have your claims evaluated. Please note that you should seek private attorney assistance immediately, with no delay: You risk forever losing certain rights if you do not act promptly. All the best.

Tricia Dwyer, Esq., Minnesota Civil Lawsuits Law, Tricia Dwyer, Esq. & Associates PLLC, Phone: 612.296-9666.


There's an expression in the law that principle is expensive. No competent attorney will take this case for a contingent fee. Nice try.

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