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Can i sue pain management dr for failing to fill pain medication after his office was raided.

Louisville, KY |

I went for my normal month visit to my pain management dr. i was greated by dea that informed me my dr was not allowed to see patients as the dea was going thru his office. i called the dr office the next morning to find out what i was to do and was told that they were unable to do anything for me this month since i had missed my appointment and to make my next month appointment. i was all so told if the withdraws get to bad then go to er. i'm scared and dont know what to do or what my rights are as patient. any info i live in ky.

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You can sue but the lawsuit would be unsuccessful. Very unsuccessful. A plaintiff must prove that a defendant doctor violated a standard of care and that this violation directly caused the patient a significant injury or death. First, I don't think you've yet suffered any injury. Second, there is no way a jury would blame a physician when his office was raided by law enforcement. Third, the standard of care absolutely requires a physician prescribing pain meds to examine the patient on regular basis.

I recommend you simply find a new doctor. Why would you want to continue to see a doctor that is being raided by the DEA?

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