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Can i sue our ex-neighbor for false claims regarding my 13 year old son?

Chandler, AZ |

Our ex-neighbor is claiming that my 13 year old son, touched her 7 year old son, inappropriately. She then proceeded to harass my son, and because of that, I called the Police. Now, the courts have intervened and we are having to go to court, put my son through a battery of psychological tests, home visits, and has disrupted the household. Her claims are absurd and my son is not guilty of the crime she is claiming he did to her son. Can i sue her, and if so, How can i find out her name to sue her? ..The police weren't willing to give me her name and information!

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I would be worried about your son at this point, not if you can sue someone. Why would someone want to make a claim against a 13 year old if they didn't honestly believe that he did something wrong?


David answered as I would. Please get your priorities straight, and deal with the issue before you, and you might want to hire a criminal attorney for your son to protect his interests. Don't worry about suing someone. Sort this matter out first.


Best to have a criminal lawyer resolve it

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