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Can i sue or at the very least have an attorney draft a cease and desist for defamation, libel?

Parkersburg, WV |

the lead singer of a band had a private conversation with myself on facebook offering me an advanced first copy of their new album, conversation ensued, i told him that i had been stabbed several times during a confrontation while i was protecting my mother. he then posted my name on his bands facebook page claiming i had spent time in prison for stabbing someone, and that i am a sociopath. how and can i act on this.

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Cease and desist letter is good option


You need to consult a local lawyer. Your state may have stalking laws or the like which can give you the basis for a cease and desist order, but generally speaking such an order against speech is considered a prior restraint and the courts will generally not issue a prior restraint on speech. You probably need to come withiin a statutory exception to get such an otder. Your lawyer can contact Facebook and following their procedures may be able to get the band's posting taken down.

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