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Can I sue my x-boyfriend for breach of contract/promise if he changed the name (took another women) on a promised Vacation?

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My boyfriend suddenly broke up with me. When I asked him about our planned vacation, he said I could just go with my daughter or a girlfriend. Then he wrote it in a texting. "It's all yours, have fun on me". He contacted to travel agent to allow me to make the changes and gave me all the travel codes/documents. I booked & paid for my excursions; Then just 3 day before the trip, he said he changed his mind and is taking another women. I have over $5,000 in loss income & expences related to the trip he promised to me. Along with all the evidence he has been seeing this other women.

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These facts are different than the ones you gave in your other question. You can always sue in small claims court and see what happens.

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If you relied on his promise that you could take the trip and had out of pocket expenses related to that, you could certainly make those claims in small claims court. It does not matter much who he took or why, only that you had out of pocket expenses related to his promise to let you go.

I am not licensed in Texas, so this response is for informational purposes only.

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