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Can I sue my wife for mental cruelty, neglect & infidelity? Do I need to file for a divorce?

Flossmoor, IL |

I am married for 7years & 8months w/ my USC wife. I've been here in US for 9years & undergo in 3seperate scenarios of interview.

1st file got denied due to non appearance on interview date but never got any letter from INS. 1st lawyer advises for a re-file

2nd file got denied due to internet posting allegations + low bank flow. New lawyer & submitted reply to allegations but still denied due to lawyer’s incomplete explanation. 2nd lawyer advises for a re-file

3rd file submitted, currently waiting for response.

Marriage life turns sour & I feel what she is doing to me is an act of “MENTAL CRUELTY” and that I did not provoke her behavior. She threatened, curse, swears & shout at me & demanding some more money and file for divorce.

Please advice as to what steps I need.

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Your situation is serious enough that you should seek out an attorney's advice directly. Best answer... get a lawyer with both immigration and divorce experience.


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If your question has to do with citizenship, contact an immigration attorney. If you wish to sue your wife for injury (and not for divorce), you are likely have difficulty finding a lawyer to take your case, unless you are willing to pay the lawyer in advance and out of your own pocket. This is because your wife has no insurance and because your case is difficult to prove both as to wrongdoing and as to damages.

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