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Can I sue my warranty company?

Newark, DE |

My car is at aamco for engine repair due to a number of things the technician told the warranty co that it MIGHT be (xyz) and the warranty co said that they will send an inspector out to look at it then the next day they said there not sending no inspector an they are denying the claim because the tech said it might..the tech said they should send an inspector he an myself has made several attempts to call the warranty co to ask them to please send some one to look at the problem he even sent them pictures of the engine..they told me that they dont got to send no inspector because the tech told them what caused the problem but he never to them the actual cause that's y he said send a inspector ..can I sue?

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Check your contract with them. It almost certainly says they WILL send someone to look at it. If they fail to do so, you likely have a decent claim against them which, after they pay your attorneys, will end up costing them a lot more than just doing it right. Look here for someone good:

Timothy John Abeel Jr.

Timothy John Abeel Jr.


You can also google "lemon law attorney Delaware."


I agree with Mr. Kaufman; take a look at your service contract. If it says that they are required to send someone out to inspect and they are refusing to do so, or if it lays out the steps that they must take before denying a claim and they have failed to follow those steps, then you likely have a breach of contract claim against them. You should contact a consumer attorney in your state. Find one here:

Good luck,

Beth Wells

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Sounds like you may have a potential claim. Call an attorney that handles lemon law - breach of warranty claims so that they can evaluate your claim and get to the bottom of it for you.

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