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Can I sue my step-father for some sick false accusations and claims he has made?

Albuquerque, NM |

My step father whom no longer lives in the same house(he hasn't since last october), has made some sick, and false accusations. He has claimed that my mother and I are having sexual relations. We suspect him to have made similar accusations about my mother and younger brother last year. This time around however, he went as far as grabbing articles of my clothing from my room, and clothing out of my mothers efforts to make his story credible? I honestly don't know why. He has always had a problem with me since they were first married. He does have access to the house being that my mom and him do share a son. He has made these accusations about my mom and I mother to her, and who knows who else. I have called the police and he told them he trashed the clothes he took.

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