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Can I sue my school for my teacher bullying me and the school does nothing about it?

Rehoboth, MA |

Hi, im almost 18 years old. I go to a technical school and i feel as if my shop teacher is targeting/bullying me. She writes me up for having a 3 second sissy fight with my friend. But other girls in shop can text, swear right in front of her, and talk about condoms, without any disciplinary action. Im the only one she writes up, this has been happening since last year. Its gotten so bad where i want to go see a therapist because its really upsetting me and its affecting my education and i also feel like im being bullied. I've gone to my counselor in school and we had a parent teacher conference and all the teacher did was lie. So i couldn't defend myself. And the school won't do anything about it. I need to stick up for myself and something has to be done. Please help.

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This is not the basis for a sound or successful lawsuit. It is the teacher's job to shape your in-school conduct. Each student is judged differently based on the particular facts and circumstances of that student's conduct. You have almost completed your schooling. Put your head down and finish your path and then move on with your life.

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Do you have a copy of the student policy handbook, as every school should provide one or access to one to every student. Also, are there any students that have witnessed the teacher's behavior.

It appears that there are possible resolutions to this problem.

Best of luck!

Valerie J. Semensi, Esq.

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