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Can I sue my school for failure to uphold the housing contract?

Carrollton, GA |

I live on campus. Recently, I started experiencing flea problems. I contacted the authorities and notified them of what was going on, but they did not act on the issue to suppress the problem. They merely brushed me off. The following day (Saturday), I called the university police(housing is closed) and begged them to help. The operator told me to "deal with it until Monday".. I tried to but I had to but it got really bad which lead me to go to the hospital... Went to housing Monday and they are saying its not their fault because students before me brought the issue. I know I am not responsible for this but I feel housing should be responsible for this. The contract states safety is indeed first and they failed to check each room thoroughly before the next group of students enter. HELP!

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You can always sue if you are wronged, especially if a party with whom you contract does not hold up their end of the bargain. But suing will not be the most expedient way to resolve the immediate problem you have with you living space. Most major colleges and universities have an ombudsman, usually an attorney, whom you could consult for assistance in dealing with the school. If the school has a law school, the 3Ls I'm sure would provide you assistance. Lastly, there is legal aid. Housing is wrong about it not being their problem. Any landlord has a duty to provide a safe, clean living condition at the time they turn over the unit. Getting them to resolve it will be a challenge. (Your issues does not involve a class action).


Additionally, there may be a Fair Housing service available in your town.

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