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Can i sue my school for emotional distress

Stoughton, MA |

ever since my sophomore year my school has treated me in a bad manner. they dismissed a bullying case where i was told to kill myself multiple times (and i did attempt) because i "kept it going" by asking the bullies to be friends. the other bullying case i went to them for they let happen knowing it was probably going to get violent (and almost did.i had to give the kid my address. he backed off) i was searched without my parents knowing (from what i understand your parents are supposed to know if they search you if you're under 18. i was 17 at the time) they also told me not to talk to my superintendent or to ask questions about decisions she makes even though they put kids in danger. please help i have anxiety attacks regularly, and i cannot function properly when i think about school

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If you have documented treatment records evidencing your damages/injuries,. and can causally related them to the specific condult of school employees, you may have a viable claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress. Its very difficult to prove unfortunately. Get copies of your treatment records and bring them to a local personal injury attorney in your area who offers a free 30 minute consultation. Good luck.

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If a MA lawyer doesn't answer, use the 'find a lawyer' tab above to find a good personal injury lawyer near you who you can talk to and see if you have a viable claim. Good luck


I am so sorry this has happened to you. You may have a strong case for suing the school based on negligent/intentional infliction of emotional distress. I would recommend that you compile all of your treatment records and bills and seek the assistance of an attorney immediately.

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I have handled many cases for college students, and many many cases involving participation on student grievances and student disciplinary matters. I am inclined to see their points of view even in marginal cases. But the greatest courtesy and service I can offer you is the straight-forward advice that you need to stand down and take another tack. There is nothing for you to gain in this crusade against the school. Your facts are not sufficient to enable meaningful success. By the very words that you posted it is very clear that you are experiencing some very real and profound mental health problems. These will not be addressed or resolved by making war on the school. You need to find an appropriately skilled and experienced counselor and deal with your underlying issues.

The way to take care of yourself here and enhance your prospects for completing your education and making a happy and productive life is to forget about suing your school for causing your problems. A suit on such grounds is almost inevitably doomed to fail, and inevitably triggers a process that will chew you up and spit you out on the ground. Let someone qualified help you with your real problems.

And I wish you every success in your recovery.

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i do understand what you are saying but theres more to the case that will help as well. thats not the only stuff they did to me either, and im not suicidal anymore but i do have anxiety attacks every now and again. i just want them to pay and to make sure no on gets treated like i did again. i have multiple people that were in the same position i was in and those people got help from the people that essentially told me it was my fault i was being bullied within a month. and i mean restraining orders, not just a slap on the wrist



but most of all thank you for the advice


It would be a tough road to hoe, but call one of the above lawyers to discuss in detail.

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