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Can I sue my roommate for unpaid bills?

Gainesville, FL |

Me and my boyfriend got an apartment in March of 08. We BOTH signed a lease through June 09. We broke up in November 08 and I was forced to pay the entire rent and utility bills by myself or I would get evicticted and ruin my credit and renters history, let alone the consequences and fees for breaking the lease... I even tried to get him to keep the apartment and let me move out because I couldn't afford it but he refused. So the question is... Can I take him to court over his half of the bills that he did not pay? Since te lease is now over, is it too late?

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It's not too late. He signed a written contract with the landlord to be responsible for the lease and then he left. He also had an oral contract with you to pay for half of the rent (plus utilities, and other things too?). In FL you have 4 years to sue on an oral contract. He breached when he stopped paying you his half. Figure out how much he owes you and sue him in Small Claims court.

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