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Can I sue my previous college for defamation?

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Basically I and three other students were dismissed from school over a few students saying we harassed them and damaged there bikes. With no concrete evidence basically it was our word vs theres and I didn't even get a fair chance to defend myself. Then talking to the Vice president of student affairs she said the way the school handles things is what she thinks "likely" happened so I had no shot and it seems like students can just get kicked out without being able to defend themselves. Also the was around finals so a week ago, and I thought it was innocent until proving guilty. Then I got the president of the school involved and still nothing just want to know what I can do with this situation.

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No, there is no lawsuit for defamation or anything else. A school is not a court of law, and therefore, the rules of evidence do not apply. The school can consider and rely on hearsay and circumstantial evidence. This is not a criminal trial, and being innocent until proven guilty has no application here.

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It is error to say that there was "no evidence except" for a complaining person's testimony. Testimony is evidence. Where testimony is believed, it is sufficient evidence to prove the fact that it establishes.

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