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Can I sue my past university for damages? Legal for a university to send an account to collections if it is a student loan?

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In 2011 I was a New York State resident going to school in at a public New York State University. I had to drop out mid-semester. I was on financial aid which the university was charged for a portion of. They put a hold on my account. In 2012 I declared bankruptcy They said my bankruptcy could not get rid of the unpaid tuition because it was considered a student loan. The next semester I had already started going half time to a different university in California and by 2013 was a California state resident. In 2012 the school in New York had sent my account to collections. This hurt my credit. Is it legal for them to send my account to collections if it is considered a student loan and I was attending a college at least half time? Is it possible to sue for damages?

I am not trying to get the loan discharged I want to know the legality behind them sending my account to a collection agency since it is considered a student loan and I am in school half-time. Please read the question correctly.

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Your unpaid tuition is considered a student loan and will never expire. It cannot be discharged in BK. I will be a brick against your credit rating You'd lose if you sued.



Yes but my question is since it is a student loan and I am attending college half time why can they send it to collections?

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