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Can I sue my old roommate for past rent in hopes of getting a judgement/debt off my credit report?

Lexington, KY |

A few years ago in Boston I got evicted because my roommate lost job and failed to pay his rent. Recently checked my credit score and the judgement and apartment debt is still listed for $20,000. he said he would take care of it. Can I sue my old roommate in small claims and use that judgement to prove it wasnt my fault and to remove the old debt/judegment? Old roommate now leaves in Rhode Island and has a job again. I leave in KY now.

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Assuming there was a legal basis to evict "you" (e.g. you were on the lease) then one thing has nothing to do with the other. Even if you won the suit against your roommate, you were still evicted from an apartment. If you can get the judgment paid, then you at least should get a satisfaction of judgment entry on your credit report, but it won't "remove" the entry.


Suing your roommate will not assist in getting a judgment or debt off of your credit report.

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Plain and simple this will not take it off your report. Fileing a dispute with the three agencies asking them to remove is the only way, if there was no reason for same.

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