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Can I Sue my old boss that called me unnecessary name during work?

Macon, IL |

My name is Lydia Cooper when i worked for this employer i was on a Workers Permit, i was 15 years old at the time and i am a female. My employer called me i quote "B*tch, Helmet Head, Re tarted" and many other names that referred to me being in Special Ed. He also made me go into a back room and blocked the door way so i couldn't get out when i was trying to push him away so i could get out ,and one of the other employees seen what he was doing. I am not the only one he has done this to, he has had many other older workers that have walk out during the job because they couldn't take his name calling anymore.

i was so upset I was crying while at work. it got to me that bad

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Lydia - I am sorry that has happened to you. Suing your old boss will take a long time and will probably get you nowhere. Take this as a lesson that there are cruel people in the world and you are better than they are. Get on with you life, hold your head proud and remember what a good person you are.


Sorry you had this experience. I would say I don't see a case here unless you are *actually learning disabled,* in which case you might have a claim for disability discrimination under the EEOC.

But Judy is right, there is probably little that can be done here. People that call me are always surprised to learn that bosses can yell at employees and call them (non-race, gender, national origin, etc) names at work without breaking the law. It's not nice, but it's not illegal.

Hopefully you can find a better job!

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.