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Can I sue my neighbor for shooting 2 of my dogs??

Springport, MI |

My neighbor let her dog out unattended. The dog came in to my yard where I have 3 pit bulls, all contained by an electric fence, and of course, my pit bulls attacked her dog. The neighbor lady then proceeded to come over and shot 2 of my 3 dogs. Her dog, and my 2 dogs were rushed to MSU. One of my dogs had to have her leg amputated and the other is in a full back leg cast. The neighbor admitted full guilt, and has paid for most of the medical bills, but now I am running into all kinds of problems that are costing a lot of money... More vet bills, home accommodations/modifications so my dogs can get around easily, and they need 24 hour supervision and help so I can't work regular hours. Can I sue her??

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On the facts as stated, she shot YOUR dogs on YOUR property. Most, if not all, states have statutes permitting the killing of dogs off their property at attacking people and domestic animals. Therefore, even if MI has such a statute, it would not cover this incident.

Document ALL expenses thoroughly. When treatment is complete, compile all receipts, make copies of them and sent the COPIES with a demand letter by certified mail/return receipt requested.

Assuming payment is not made, you can bring an action in small claims court.

The MI and your county bar associations can provide referrals, if needed.

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Yes... she shot my dogs on my property... Then called me later in the day saying sorry because she snapped. I understand her being upset but obviously this woman is very unstable. Her and I have had prior communication about her dog being on my property and the danger associated to a probable confrontation if she failed to contain her dog. I have tried to be civil with this woman and work things out outside of a court room, but with the bills piling up, a family to take care of, and constant care of my dogs being required, it is becoming hard to make ends meet.


It sounds as though she may have been criminally charged, is that correct? Even if she were criminally charged and ordered to pay restitution, you can sue her in small claims court for the veterinary bills.

This is not to be construed as legal advice. I do not have an attorney client relationship with you.