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Can i sue my Neighbor for Harassment and discrimination? And/or Get Out of my lease?

Colona, IL |

I have a neighbor harassing me because i am gay. Even the parents call me out when i check my own mail. i live at the end of a dead end street and i have to pass their house everyday. I get death stares and discriminating comments yelled to me every time i am outside. i cant even take my dogs out with out getting something said. i have 2 police reports saying i have had trouble with them. There is 6 kids that live there and the mother has threaten to have her husband end my life. I'm stuck in a lease, i have 6 months left and my landlord also knows what i am going through. My Landlord lives down the street and does not do much to prevent anything but a couple of no trespassing signs which they (neighbors) still cross through my yard . What can i do about this situation please.

I do not say or do anything to provoke any comment or remark made by my neighbors. but it really does hurt my feelings knowing i can not live a happy life with such unhappy neighbors. I live with my boyfriend of 4 years and we need advice please.

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It is very sad that you have to put up with this nonsense in this day and age. Unfortunately, verbal abuse will probably not give you a viable lawsuit against your neighbor. You can continue to file police reports but unless you are assaulted, the police will probably do nothing. On the other hand, if you have a sympathetic police chief or assistant or watch commander, they might speak to your neighbors but the result might not be successful since your neighbor could make your life ever more miserable.

Your best solution may be to move to a friendlier community. Speak to your landlord aboot terminating your lease early. In any event, plan to move at the end of your lease.