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Can i sue my landlord over constant negligence of tenant habitat, noise, amenities?

San Francisco, CA |

our building is a mid rise with many units. our landlords advertised in building laundry,secure access etc. they failed to mention any renovations. they rented out to me and my roommate. got a few more people in, then they continued on their two year every day LOUD obnoxious construction. we never get to sleep in, take naps when exhausted, etc. halls have been cluttered with plastics, cardboard and equipment, laundry always had issues, they refused to clean the machines, instead the replaced them and the landlord upped the price after complaints of already lost funds on old machines. they recently stopped all construction, showed a few units, let them move in, the began work again. the building is not in bad condition, they are trying to capitalize and deceive renters.

they are letting people move in under the impression is peaceful and quiet, neglecting to inform the true environment, and then beginning construction thereafter. security is pointless, as hundreds are always coming and going on all this work, propping open the security doors etc. they do not care, I've complained, and they claim they have rights to construction, but surely no judge would have allowed that under the idea it would be a full time thing throughout your entire tenancy. it completely voids the tenants rights to quiet place and enjoyment. and they are charging the maximum rent and had the audacity to raise our rent after a year, after everything that has happened.

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