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Can i sue my landlord on defamation of character for providing an eviction notice for something that never happened?

Portland, OR |

landlord claims that smoking has been going on in the apartment.
landlord requested entry to the apartment to inspect and found no signs of smoking.
despite the landlords not finding anything, i continue to receive notices on my door followed by an eviction notice today.

not a great rapport with upstairs neighbor, which i believe is causing him to give them false claims.

i have kept all notices from the apartment complex.
there is no way to stop doing something your not doing.

legal advice as to how to handle this would be amazing. the information with regards to this is being put in my renter's file and will make it very hard to rent or find a place to live for my family and I.

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Attorney answers 4


I do not think you have a defamation claim, but based upon the facts you have relayed, you should be able to fight the eviction. You need to consult with an attorney specializing in landlord/tenant law in your area as soon as possible.


As the above attorney maintains, your best course of action would be to retain a landlord tenant lawyer in your city from Avvo.

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You will likely have a challenge winning a defamation case against your landlord. I agree with advise to seek counsel from an attorney concentrating in disputes between landlords and tenants.



Can I sue my doctor, he said my wife smells of smoke and its affecting her health. She has no signs of effects from tobacco, and went there because she had other problems. Her fear is effecting our marriage, and the Doctor has no evidence she was sick from cigarett smoke.


There's no defamation here. You may be able to fight the eviction.

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