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Can I sue my landlord for personal property and personal injury for myself and 3 daughters after reporting in writing for mos?

Dade City, FL |

I moved into the Pasco housing Authority 19 months ago. I was 6 months pregnant at the time. I reported in writing as well as verbally to the Community manager as well as the Executive Director that myself as well as my 3 children were living in mold. My request was ignored. I then wrote a letter to the Agricultural of housing in Tallahassee Florida seeking help. I received a letter from Agricultural Of housing stating that the sent a letter to the Pasco Housing Authority and that they had a deadline to respond. Weeks later I received another letter stating they were closing my complaint due to the PHA not responding. My Family have suffered for the past 18 months health issues can someone please direct me in the right directions. I have photographs as well as videos of the mold & injuries

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I do not know Florida law but you may have a claim if your family has suffered medical problems due to the mold and your doctor can establish that the medical problems were caused by the mold.

You should consult a local personal injury attorney to learn what your right are. Keep in mind all claims have time limits so do not delay because you could lose any claim if you miss the deadline.

Good luck


There are a tiny handful of lawyers who handle mold claims, my firm is Not one of them, but Google "mold lawyer" to find a lawyer who will. Good luck.

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Consult immediatey with a mold injury lawyer. If you dont act fasrt enough, you could lose rights.


There are thousands of different kinds of molds in Florida.
Some are harmful, some are neutral, some are helpful.
Have you paid a professional company to test the mold?
Has your doctor confirmed that you have been medically injured due to a specific kind of mold?

You should write a notice to the PHA stating that they have seven days to inspect and remedy the problem or you will withhold rent or consider the contract terminated and leave the premises immediately.

Consult with a local landlord tenant lawyer or real estate attorney asap.
They can help you write the seven-day demand letter.
Good luck.