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Can i sue my Landlord for invasion of privacy? And can i also sue for assault?

Pasadena, CA |

my landlord came and under no grounds barged into my rented home w a lot of "thugs" trying to muscle us out that we had 1 hr to leave the premises, they moved my stuff out and i called police to remove them now they came w a notice to pay rent or quit when ive paid my rent they claim i never did and made a higher amount of rent than actual pre agreed amount. she wants to evict me now. i have a 1 yr old who lives w me and i had to move him because she continues to send people to park outside my home

invasion of privacy.. she broke in to steal my HD that recorded my security cameras installed outside just days before she came to barge in she used her key and claims the HD was destroyed with over 1 month of private home footage in my front and back yards thanks

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Your Iandlord appears to be engaging in what is known as a self-help eviction and this conduct is illegal. You need to contact an attorney who specializes in housing law as well as law enforcement. You may even need to consider getting a restraining order to keep the landlord and her agents away from your home.

While you may very much want to remain in your home, in situations like the one you are experiencing, the tenant usually needs to move in order to be fully compensated for the illegal eviction activities on the part of the landlord. You want to consult with a housing law attorney or advocate as soon as possible about this situation.

This is not a substitute for a consultation with a housing law attorney.

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