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Can i sue my landlord for falling down the stairs

Bronx, NY |

the was painting inside the stairs on my building ,i slipp and fall down the stair,i went to the ER the same day because i was having bad back pain and i was 9weeks pregnant .they give me some tablect and release me the same day,4 days later i went for my regular obyn appointment and the doctor told me i had a miscarriage .so i was wondering if i can sue my landlord for falling down the stair wich cost me miscarriage.

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I am sorry to hear this. Generally, to sue for a slip and fall you have to show negligence on the part of the property owner. Falling off a ladder without more doesn't sound like a strong case.

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You should contact a local (NY) personal injury attorney. You can look on this website ( for very qualified personal injury attorneys in your area.

You may have a claim for your personal injuries. You would have to prove negligence on the part of the landlord or the person/entity responsible for maintaining the stairs.

Your facts did not mention what caused you to slip and fall. Was their wet paint on the stairs at the time that you slipped?

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It's unclear what caused your fall. You must be able to show your landlord was negligent in some way to prevail. Further, you must be able to document that the miscarriage was caused by the fall. If you can't prove either, you will not be successful.


Contact an attorney and discuss the case. Sorry for your loss.


If there was a defect or dangerous condition or poor lighting, you may have a claim, thus, you would want to search Avvo for a personal injury lawyer in your city to get a free consultation to discuss the condition of the stairs.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer.


The real question is why you fell. It is unclear what the painting had to do with it. If you fell because of something left by the painter, then you would have a better case against the painter than the landlord. If it was a problem with the stair itself, such as the heights of the stairs varied and it caused you to mis a step or you missed the step because it was chipped, or your foot slipped because the tread was worn, or there was insufficient light to see then the suit would be against the landlord. The other question is did you actually injury your back. It is unclear. I think the miscarriage would be a very difficult claim to make. There was a Court of Appeals case which allowed a med mal suit for emotional distress for the loss of a baby in delivery but I do not believe it would extend to these circumstances, but it would be worth looking into.


Your question isn't clear to me. Who was painting the stairs? Why did you fall? I can answer your questions if you give me some more information.
Good luck

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