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Can I sue my job for pregnancy discrimmination and neglect?

Charlotte, NC |

I have been working for my restaraunt for about 7 months before I became pregnant. There are about 2 other girls who were pregnant as well, but farther along than myself. The first issue at hand was our scheduling, after everyone was informed of my pregnancy they still scheduled me (twice before any real action was taken) as a runner (carrying trays that at estimate may weigh over 10lbs--its Mexican food). I finally left during one shift in tears and they apologized (mind you at this time I was still in my first trimester). Then they were expecting me to work as if I were still not pregnant (lifting heavy things). I said somthing yet again. Last straw was I was scheduled to work all day, had not ate ENTIRE shift, so i left. Can I sue?

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Speak to the EEOC and find out if they discriminated against you. If its a privately owned restaurant, probably not. If publicly owned, perhaps.

Speak to an employment lawyer. You may find one near you on

Good luck with your pregnancy and your job.

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