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Can I sue my insurance company for harassment?

Canton, OH |

I have renters ins. & this is my 2nd claim within a short period, It's 4 burglary. Since I have been workin in a house i'm buying, it's been broken into 3 x's. From Mid March 2 late May many houses in this neighborhood have been burglarized. They paid my claim the 1st time w/ no problems. The 2nd theft the ins. co. directed it 2 a special investigation unit within their co. The adjuster is using tactics 2 upset me. He knew I was on disability from an auto accident & he also knew alot of answers 2 questions he was asking me. I spent yrs getting mental help 4 this accident in which a lady was killed & a boy injured. A lot of repetitive questions & he finishes my sentences. His tactics gave me panic attacks & is causing me stress. I've notified my local agent but no return calls from him.

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Your insurer has to ask certain questions for every claim, and it doesn't matter if you've had previous claims and you think they know the answers to the questions they're asking. Realize that insurance adjusters do a large volume business and I really doubt they remember your details.

You shouldn't take this so personally or be so sensitive about them doing their job. You can't sue them, because this isn't harassment.

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I spoke 2 an adjuster before the investigator & gave her all my information. He was cocky and well aware of alot of the questions he asked me. Some he didn't even ask me a question, he just knew things about me. He asked me the same questions she did. He knew I was a retired policeman & was disabled from an accident. He asked me repetitive questions, would not let me finish my questions & he often answered questions 4 me before I could reply. I received a packet in the mail and had to have it notarized for them to rumble through my whole history. Although I have nothing to hide from them, it's my history and it's personal. I think there's a way to do your job & a way how you do it. The way the insurance adjuster and company are handling this is horrible. I'll be more selective with my next insurance company.