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Can I sue my husbands ex for breakdown of our family? Parental Alienation, lying, using child, emails, threats-destroying w/in.

Clearwater, MN |

My husbands ex is a manipulative controlling hypocritical narcissist. Child has been told so many lies since they divorced & he married me, now turned on me, my family, my kids. Has destroyed relationships- child was 9 when started, classic PAS.using for info, gaining access to, threatens my husband if you don't do this or give me this etc. She lives far enough away that it is a hardship when she refuses to meet. he wants to see his kid, He lost his first child due to 1st ex. Now his 2nd uses, plays his fear. our marriage is falling apart, my kids no longer trust/want anything to do with child. Child now 15..Turned against so badly refuses to talk to me now. Anything I can do to stop this madness/sue her in MN? He has gone to court only to lose $$. Has no faith in system, I am not afraid

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Generally speaking, PAS is illegal and Florida. That type of behavior can devistate should speak with an attorney near you as soon as possible regarding your specific circumstances.

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