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Can I sue my husband?

Eustis, FL |

My husband and I are separated and I moved to Miami, then a year or so ago I moved back to Lake county to my old neighborhood and Iater being here and wanting to move to a larger place for me and our kids, I am being told I have oustanding balances in bills in the amount of $500.00 or more, so now I can't move because he (my husband) dragged my name through the mud, he promised to pay it off so I can move but has failed to do so, can I sue him for that money and have him ordered by the courts to pay those bills? We were together at the time and I let him put it in my name because he messed up his own name here in Lake County and our twin girls were 3 years old and I had no electric, gas, I'm on SSI
now, but at the time, I had no income, he was the one working, if not, what can I do??

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I'm sorry to hear you're having such challenges. Unfortunately, there is no good answer for you other than saying you should speak to a family lawyer.

That being said, your question of "Can I sue" is really "Should I sue". Anyone can sue anyone, but that doesn't mean there is actually a case or that the claim won't be dismissed.

Suing your soon-to-be-ex for $500.00 and "dragging your name through the mud" is not really a claim, particularly when you agreed to be a co-signer/co-debtor on whatever it is that he needed to pay.

Reach out and try to work this out with him. You may need a family lawyer for the bigger issue of the pending divorce, and perhaps the $500 could be addressed in that forum.

Good Luck,

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Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III


good counsel.


File a an action for dissolution of marriage. Technically these bills are marital in nature and are divided 50-50. Allege in your Petition that the Court should depart from an equal split and consider a disparate distribution since your husband ran up these bills in your name wihtout your permission and after the separation. You must swear to the facts in the Petiiton . It would be a good idea to have a lawyer help you. If you are not going to do that at least read Florida Statute 61.075. You can find it on the Florida Senate website. Good Luck.

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